Meet Our Leadership Team

Lieta Maffei
Lieta MaffeiQuality Assurance
Lieta was the Director of Quality at San Diego Blood Bank for the past decade and prior to that National Director of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Training at Hemacare.  In addition, she also holds an MBA from UC Irvine.
Micah Mann
Micah MannDirector
Micah worked as a donor recruiter for the American Red Cross before founding Blood for Missions in 2009.  Previous to blood banking, he was a houseparent at Hillview Acres Children’s Home and has served the Lord on every continent except for Antarctica.  He has a Bachelor’s in business management from the University of Tampa.
Dara Johnson
Dara JohnsonQuality Assurance
Dara has 25+ years experience in Quality Assurance, including 13 years as the Director of Quality and Compliance at The Blood Bank of San Bernardino and Riverside County (now called Lifestream).  She holds a Masters in Quality Management from Loyola University and loves serving at her home church.
Jeff Everett
Jeff EverettManufacturing Supervisor
Jeff has 15 years blood banking experience from his time working at The Blood Bank of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties (now called Lifestream).  He is an expert in validation and has a passion for facilities, instrumentation and quality.
Nancy Bathke
Nancy BathkePartnership Development
Nancy has 22+ years Projects/Marketing experience in Christian nonprofits, most notably 10 years spent at World Vision.  She has a heart for missions and loves attending and volunteering at her home church, Christ’s Church of the Valley in San Dimas.
Nina Tkachenko
Nina TkachenkoRegulatory Affairs, BIOPC LLC
Nina has 20+ years experience in highly regulated FDA/GMP/ISO environments. She specializes in world wide regulatory strategy and submissions; prior to her role as Head of Regulatory Affairs for BIOPC LLC, her experience includes time working at Bonfils Blood Center and Chiron/Novartis.
Patrick Carmichael
Patrick CarmichaelRegulatory Affairs, BIOPC LLC
Patrick is the President and cofounder of BIOPC LLC, a biotechnology consulting firm specializing in quality, regulatory and software development.  Previous to BIOPC, he spent 20+ years working for Abbott, Chiron/Novartis and CERUS.


Meet the Experienced Blood Bankers Supporting Us

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