Welcome To Blood for Missions

Blood for Missions is a nonprofit, licensed blood bank ministry.  For each blood donation, Blood for Missions donates up to $75 to Christian and humanitarian nonprofits, with the blood donated benefiting hospital patients in need.  The ‘Blood Bank for Missions’ is supported by 10 innovative churches from our network and experienced blood bankers using their talents to serve the Lord in a unique way.

Pre-blood bank, Blood for Missions organized ‘Blood Drives for Missions’ for 2 contracted Southern California blood banks.  In that time, our church network donated 20,586 units of blood to these contracted blood banks that benefited up to 41,172 hospital patients and created $411,710 for Christian and humanitarian nonprofits.

Who Is Blood for Missions

Providing quality blood products that save lives and souls.
We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit.  We seek to glorify Him in our ministry, relationships and lives.
Dedicated to a unique giving model that benefits many through blood donation: hospitals and their patients in need, Christian and humanitarian nonprofits and the people in need they serve.

Giving a voice to all our employees which encourages raising questions and concerns directly to management.

Observing and creating solutions for our donors’, customers’, and partners’ needs to grow our mission.

Dedicating time in our everyday work to identify areas of improvement in order to better ourselves, our business and our products.

Our Core Values

Faith 100
Innovation 100
Quality 100
Generosity 100



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