Welcome To Blood for Missions

Blood for Missions is a nonprofit, licensed blood bank ministry pre-registered with the FDA.  For each blood donation, Blood for Missions donates up to $75 to Christian and humanitarian nonprofits, with the blood donated benefiting hospital patients in need.  This ‘Blood Bank for Missions’ is supported by 10 innovative churches from our network and experienced blood bankers using their talents to serve the Lord in a unique way.

Pre-blood bank, Blood for Missions organized ‘Blood Drives for Missions’ for 2 contracted Southern California blood banks.  In that time, churches in our network donated 20,586 units of blood to these contracted blood banks that benefited up to 41,172 hospital patients and created $411,710 for Christian and humanitarian nonprofits.


Blood Donations

Giving blood is a beautiful thing

Doing So Much More

Giving to ‘Blood for Missions’ takes your blood donation and benefits not only hospital patients in need, but your local hospital, community and the world


Safe and affordable blood products that save hospitals significant money

Hospital Patients

While the blood benefits hospital patients in need

Christian Missions

Up to $75 per blood donation is given to a nonprofit of the host's choice

Humanitarian Needs

Past nonprofit projects supported: food banks, bibles, homeless shelters, orphanages, water wells, natural disasters and evangelism to name a few!
Blood Donations
Hospital Patients Affected
Created for Nonprofits